Use Cases


Social and solidarity economy

  • Identify specific needs and expectations
  • Addressing emergencies in crisis situations
  • Implementing effective solutions


  • Easy preparation of TPs
  • Simplified logistic and technical management
  • Availability of content even in the event of a breakdown in communication media


  • Mobile platform adapted for your sharing spaces and collaborative activities
  • High adaptability and flexibility in case of workspace organization needs

Crisis Management ICT

  • Continuity and recovery of service in the event of a major crisis
  • Operational autonomy in the event of a breakdown in communication means
  • Security and protection of applications and embedded data

Security and defense

  • Integrity of tangible and intangible assets assured
  • Protection of assets against unauthorized access
  • Tracking and certification of the history of the circumstances that took place within a perimeter and controlled

Private computing

  • Continuity of your socio-economic activities
  • Efficient and inexpensive solution for the acquisition and urbanization of computer and home automation equipment

Crisis management

Humanitarian & Health

  • Mobile and Secure Equipment
  • Discreet equipment
  • Functional agility

Audit and certification

  • Elaboration of dedicated business enclaves according to your technical constraints and usage modalities
  • Prepare your environments and your audit and evaluation scenarios
  • Reduction of your usual acquisition and maintenance costs

Information system

Système composé de :

  • Functional blocks
  • Business applications
  • Dedicated processing chains

Exhibition platform

  • Secure exhibition platform
  • Multidisciplinary creativity space
  • Animation and leisure space

Proof of Concept

Environnement opérationnel pour réaliser :

  • Proof of concepts
  • Modeling
  • Digital simulations

Intelligence platform

The different types of intelligence are the following:

  • Strategy Intelligence
  • Compétitivness Intelligence
  • Marketing Intelligence
  • Business Intelligence